Armando Ronca, Modern architecture in South Tyrol, 1935–1970 (publication)

The exhibition Armando Ronca, Modern architecture in South Tyrol, 1935–1970, is accompanied by a book presenting over 40 buildings of Armando Ronca. Individual projects, such as the Eurotel in Meran, are thoroughly analyzed and documented. In addition, all still preserved buildings are documented by images of the Viennese architecture photographer Werner Feiersinger.

Kunst Meran, Andreas Kofler, Magdalene Schmidt, Jörg Stabenow (Eds.)
Armando Ronca
Architektur der Moderne in Südtirol / Architettura del Moderno in Alto Adige

With essays by Andreas Kofler, Massimo Martignoni, Giorgio Mezzalira, Magdalene Schmidt, Luigi Scolari and Jörg Stabenow, as well as photos by Werner Feiersinger
Designed by Willi Schmid
472 pages, 341 colored and 122 b/w images
16.5 × 22 cm
978-3-03860-061-9 German / Italian

Press reviews:
Even more important than the Merano exhibition itself is the equally beautiful and scientifically exemplary catalog. It takes the readers on a journey of discovery. In doing so, it illustrates clearly why today’s young architectural scene is as enthusiastic about Ronca’s houses as it is about the works of Caccia Dominioni or Gio Ponti, and why it privileges to look at all those buildings through the camera eye of Werner Feiersinger.
Roman Hollenstein, Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ)