Andreas Kofler is an architect, urbanist, freelance writer and curator. Originally from Italy’s German-speaking province of South Tyrol, he graduated from the Technical University of Vienna in 2005. Since then, he has worked for several offices: STAR, TD, OMA/AMO, l’AUC, and Dominique Perrault’s DPA, before co-founding Weltgebraus with Marcello Tavone in 2013. Most of his projects imply a multidisciplinary declension, such as the work on Greater Paris (DPA), Greater Moscow (l’AUC), Prada (AMO), and the exhibition The Image of Europe (TD/AMO) for the European Union. His curatorial projects include Japanese architectures in Paris, 1867–2017 and the first exhibition about Armando Ronca, both accompanied by homonymous publications. He loves fonts, regularly writes for L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui, is an associate professor at the E.N.S.A.Versailles and curator of the Swiss Architecture Museum (S AM).

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