The Next Helsinki (w/ Marcello Tavone)

Guckenheim assembly line

The Next Helsinki could tie together the ends of the global art market’s supply chain by curating what is already there, rather than what is available to be brought there. This could happen by assembling a new “private collection” out of to the most private of all collections: the one on display in the homes of its host region. Rather than making the integration of local art a retroactive negotiation – as it has been the case with Basque art in Bilbao – a “call for art entries” would enable the creation of a Heim to the existing art of the museum’s context in the very moment of its instalment. Inventorying, selecting and ultimately borrowing this collection from the houses of the Helsinkians, depending on the curatorial theme to be displayed (#modernism, #pottery, …), would convert the city and its residents into latent suppliers of the museum, thus constitutive and quintessential part of it.