L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui

Andreas Kofler and contributes regularly to the bilingual French magazine L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui (AA) and has been part of AA402’s and 404’s editorial committee. Our AA diary:

AA438 (9/2020): Parasites
A Tale of two Houses: The Movie Parasite

AA431 (6/2019): China’s committed architects
Brown Sugar Factory, Xing Village, county of Songyang, Lishui prefecture, Zhejiang province, 2016, DnA Design and Architecture

AA430 (5/2019): Productive City
Helsinki Dreispitz appartements and archives, Basel, 2014, Herzog & de Meuron

AA427 (10/2018): Port architecture
Kenzo Tange’s Tokyo Bay

AA Projects (5/2018): Kengo Kuma

AA421 (10/2017): Engineering Works
Japan-ness, Centre Pompidou-Metz
Øresund Bridge, interview with Georg Rotne
Zhong Sheng Da Dao and Jin Liu Lu bridges, Marc Mimram
Delta Works 2.0, RAAAF et Atelier de Lyon

AA420 (9/2017): Learning architecture
”Architecture labs”: the avant-garde in Japan

AA419 (7/2017): Spain
Mallorcan Modules, two social housing projects, Ripoll Tizón, Mallorca
Made in Tenerife, Facultad de Bellas Artes, GPY Arquitectos, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

AA418 (5/2017): Vestiges
Palimpsest Castle: Witherford Watson Mann (WWM), Astley Castle
The Architect and the Archaeologist: David Chipperfield Architects + Julien Harrap, Neues Museum

AA417 (3/2017): Stone architecture
17 logements sociaux, Barrault & Pressacco

AA416 (12/2016): Mixed-uses
A tradition in mixed-use & Mixed-use as design method (OMA).

AA415 (10/2016): Museums
The Guggenheim business model.

AA414 (9/2016): Being an architect
Le collectif pour le participatif or Happy together.

AA413 (7/2016): Temporary architecture
Some weekend (or summer) reading: the brand new issue of L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui (AA) focuses on temporary architecture and includes a review of Tokyo’s Commune 246 and a retrospect on Linz’s “Das Gelbe Haus”.

AA410 (12/2015): Sports
The new issue of L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui (AA) is dedicated to the quintessence of all New Year’s resolutions: (more) sports. The magazine contains a comparison of the 1964 and 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics in terms of urban planning.

AA409 (11/2015): Innovations
L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui 409 contains texts about the Good Design Award winning Moku-Chin Kikaku and Assemble‘s Turner Prize nominated Granby Four Streets project.

AA408 (9/2015): Morocco
We sum up the 12 acts of demolition drawn up by the Berlage spring Masterclass 2015, led by AMO/OMA’s Ippolito Pestellini Lapardelli, Janna Bystrykh and Stephan Petermann.

AA407 (6/2015): Transformations

While in Marcello Tavone’s article OMA converts a distillery in the permanent Milan venue of the Fondazione Prada, Andreas Kofler writes about Assemble’s project to metabolize a former Victorian bath to domicile London’s Goldsmiths Art Gallery.

AA406 (5/2015): Water and the City

Yet another issue of L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui (AA) has us impatiently hiding in its imprint. The current number comes with Marcello Tavone’s review of Secchi-Viganò’s Park Spoor Noord in Antwerpen, Andreas Kofler’s journey to Tokyo’s Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel (accompanied by the adorable Annabelle Blin) and a retrospect (and soon-to-be-in-Paris (!) preview) of Tetsuo Kondo’s Cloudcapes‘.

AA405 (3/2015): Therapeutic architecture

Andreas Kofler writes about Sou Fujimoto’s Children’s Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Kunihiko Matsuba’s Nagasawa Dental Clinic.
Part 2 of 2 of the interview with Sou Fujimoto focuses on his numerous healthcare projects, and is also available as English PDF download.

AA404 (12/2014): Architecture models

Join us for green tea and an interview with the masterly Mr. Sou Fujimoto in a new co-edited issue of L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui (AA) dedicated to architecture models.
Also available: cheese fondue with former H&dM’s Alexandria Algard and a pindakaas sandwich with former OMA/AMO’s Konrad Milton.

AA403 (11/2014): Suburban housing

AA403 coverAA dedicates its November issue to suburban housing. Marcello Tavone and Andreas Kofler review 7, out of 17 projects, detailed in this number 403 of l’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui:

NMS house, Koksijde, Belgium, 2005 – Dierendonckblancke

PIB house, Grimbergen, Belgium, 2013 – Ura

dnA house, Asse, Belgium, 2013 – Blaf Architecten

Four housing units, Vitry-sur-Seine, France, 2014 – Atelier Urbain Anne Durand

Jardin d’hiver house, Lavaur, France, 2011 – Fmau

(←) Underground house, Saijo, Japan, 2007 – Suppose Design Office

Tama Loggia and Tama Machiya, Tokyo, Japan, 2013 – TamaHome & Atelier Bow-Wow

AA402 (9/2014): Scandinavia

L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui (AA) no. 402 is available as of today. It features our essay investigating Japanese-Scandinavian symmetries and an article aiming to decode the Venice Biennale tote bags, photographically inventoried by the talented Radmila Tasic. Furthermore, contributions by the outstanding Theo Deutinger, the knowledgeable Marie-Madeleine Ozdoba, the resourceful Flavien Menu, the über-charming Alexandria Algard,…

L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui (AA) no. 401 available June 24 in newsstands and bookshops, featuring Andreas Kofler’s article on “architecture comme/as image”.

Andreas Kofler - Architecture as image
After the last decades have overdosed us with glossy 3D images, Aurélien Gillier’s exhibition Futurs immédiats places the emphasis on graduation projects that make use of more austere methods: collages, axonometric representations and plans. A decision that brings about a return to the essence of projects, their concerns and the way we look at them.