L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui

Andreas Kofler and contributes regularly to the bilingual French magazine L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui (AA) and has been part of AA402’s and 404’s editorial committee. Our AA diary:

AA451 (10/2022)FolliesJunya Ishigami’s Daydreamarticle
AA448 (4/2022)Tomorrow’s citiesThe Columns of Lysbüchel, Esch Sintzelarticle
AA445 (10/2021)RenewalReboot, baubüro in situarticle
AA441 (2/2021)The Hidden DimensionWatch and Control, interview with Theo Deutingerinterview
AA440 (12/2020) BignessZaha Hadid, the Price of Weightlessnessarticle
Interview with Patrik Schumacherinterview
AA438 (9/2020)ParasitesA Tale of two Houses, the Movie Parasitearticle
AA431 (6/2019)China’s committed architectsRural acupuncture, DnAarticle
AA430 (5/2019) Productive CityHelsinki Dreispitz appartements and archives, Basel, 2014, Herzog & de Meuronarticle
AA427 (10/2018)Port architecture
Kenzo Tange’s Tokyo Bayarticle
AA Projects (5/2018)Kengo KumaThe pointarticle
The linearticle
The planearticle
AA421 (10/2017)Engineering WorksJapan-ness, Centre Pompidou-Metzarticle
Øresund Bridge, interview with Georg Rotneinterview
Zhong Sheng Da Dao and Jin Liu article
Lu bridges, Marc Mimramarticle
Delta Works 2.0, RAAAF & Atelier de Lyonarticle
AA420 (9/2017)Learning architecture”Architecture labs”: the avant-garde in Japanarticle
AA419 (7/2017)SpainMallorcan Modules, two social housing projects, Ripoll Tizónarticle
Made in Tenerife, Facultad de Bellas Artes, GPY Arquitectosarticle
AA418 (5/2017) VestigesPalimpsest Castle, Witherford Watson Mann (WWM), Astley Castlearticle
The Architect and the Archaeologist, David Chipperfield Architects & Julien Harrap, Neues Museumarticle
AA417 (3/2017)Stone architecture17 logements sociaux, Barrault & Pressaccoarticle
AA416 (12/2016)Mixed-usesA tradition in mixed-use & Mixed-use as design method (OMA).article
AA415 (10/2016)MuseumsThe Guggenheim business modelarticle
AA414 (9/2016)Being an architectLe collectif pour le participatif or Happy togetherarticle
AA413 (7/2016) Temporary architectureCommune 246, Tokyoarticle
Das Gelbe Haus, Linzarticle
AA410 (12/2015)SportsTokyo 2020, under the shadow of 1964article
AA409 (11/2015)InnovationsMoku-Chin Kikakuarticle
Granby Four Streets, Assemblearticle
AA408 (9/2015)Morocco12 acts of demolitionarticle
AA407 (6/2015)TransformationsGoldsmiths Art Gallery, Assemblearticle
AA406 (5/2015)Water and the CityTokyo’s Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel article
Cloudcapes, Tetsuo Kondoarticle
AA405 (3/2015)Therapeutic architectureChildren’s Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Sou Fujimoto article
The diversities of the unexpected, interview with Sou Fujimoto interview
Nagasawa Dental Clinic, Kunihiko Matsubaarticle
AA404 (12/2014)Architecture modelsInterview with Sou Fujimoto interview
Interview with Alexandria Algard (Herzog & de Meuron) interview
Interview with Konrad Milton (OMA/AMO)interview
AA403 (11/2014) Suburban housingdnA house, Asse (Belgium), Blaf Architectenarticle
Four housing units, Vitry-sur-Seine (France), Atelier Urbain Anne Durandarticle
Jardin d’hiver house, Lavaur (France), Fmauarticle
Underground house, Saijo (Japan), Suppose Design Officearticle
Tama Loggia and Tama Machiya, Tokyo (Japan), TamaHome & Atelier Bow-Wowarticle
AA402 (9/2014)ScandinaviaTotebag’s of Venice Biennalearticle
Japanese-Scandinavian symmetryarticle
AA401 (6/2014)New GenerationsArchitecture as imagearticle